Karel Sklenička (1933 – 2001) was born in Prague and spent a part of his childhood in Mirotice, near Písek. There he got basis of violin, piano and organ play. After completing his high school studies he was forced to work as a worker. He got married in 1958 and he has six children now. He graduated from the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University, Prague (Prof. Josef Plavec). He studied composition privately at Prof. Felix Zrno, Karel Hába and Pavel Bořkovec.

He started to compose music for television, film and theatre as a student and he composed approximately 100 titles. He also often practiced his works as a conductor, spontaneously. He tested technical potentiality of musical instruments, voices and their combinations on those compositions written to order and for living.

However, the author regarded compositions not written to order and inspired by outstanding interprets as the essence of his work. A big number of opuses of chamber, vocal and dramatic music (most part of which was performed) and symphonic music (major part unperformed) was composed. The author composed approximately 60 works at that time.

The closest part of the author’s music to him is sacred music. He was an organist and many of his works were composed for liturgical needs. Even here more than 70 opuses still wait to be performed.

Finally, we should ask what the author’s style is. We may say multiform but always tonal.